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Jason Stutman

Investment Director
Project Greenlight


1 P.M. EST / 10 A.M. PST
Dave Roberts

Vice President of Media
Angel Publishing

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming truly wealthy…

Where money doesn’t matter…

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For the first time ever, famed technology expert and Angel investor Jason Stutman has agreed to unveil all the details of his most ambitious project to date.

It’s a wealth-building system that took five years…

57,000 hours of advanced algorithmic programming…

And more than $25 million to create.

It’s called:

Project Greenlight.

And it gives everyday investors an easy way to learn how to set themselves up for massive payouts of $17,000 or more…

At least six times every single month…

Off of the hottest — and most lucrative — market opportunity out there:

The $1.1 trillion biotechnology sector.

As you’ll see in the exclusive summit:

It’s now possible for ANYONE to become a biotech millionaire!

That’s because the unique pattern-matching algorithms at the heart of Project Greenlight can predict…

With as much 95% certainty…

Which biotech stocks are set to explode upwards in value and hand savvy investors a small fortune.

In fact, had you been able to use Project Greenlight yourself during its initial test run of just a few short weeks…

You could right now be $43,360 richer.

Because it would have helped you capture a 669% return on Amarin Corporation…

That in less than 30 days, would have turned $2,500 into $19,220!

Project Greenlight would have also alerted you to the one-week pop of 190% on ProQR Therapeutics…

Which — with the same initial stake — could have handed you a cool $7,250 in easy cash.

And it would have even helped you claim a staggering 3,278% return on Aquinox…

In less than a single day!

That’s enough to turn just $500 into $16,890!

The best part is you don’t have to know the first thing about biology or chemistry…

You don’t have to be a doctor…

You don’t even need a college degree!

All you have to do is tune in to the Project Greenlight Summit on at 1:00 PM.

That’s when Jason will reveal everything about his cutting-edge system.

Things like:

  • The surprising reason Project Greenlight could get a trader at Goldman Sachs fired.
  • The probability “hack” that uses blackjack logic to make biotech trades ultra-profitable.
  • “The Topline Supercharger:” — how one extra step allows you to profit even if the stock price moves DOWN.
  • Jason’s deeply personal reasons for revealing this strategy to the public now.
  • The secretive network of scientists and doctors that have “insider” knowledge about which companies will skyrocket…and how YOU can profit off their expertise.
  • How to recognize a coming FDA “Fast Lane” that can boost the profitability of a drug by tens of millions.
  • And most importantly – the biotech stock being lit up like a Christmas tree AS WE SPEAK – that could net you a 7,650% winner later this month.

With six pinpoint trades delivered every thirty days…

Each with the potential to hand you a $17,000 (or higher) payday…

Project Greenlight could help you learn how to build a seven-figure net worth by the end of 2019.

There’s no question that some people are going to become extremely, ludicrously rich.

The only question is:

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I’ll see you at the summit.

To your wealth,

Dave Roberts
Vice President of Media, Angel Publishing